WEEKLY UPDATE FOR September 30th, 2016

Greetings from Tyler,

Despite the overwhelming onslaught of presidential campaign claims and counterclaims, the world isn’t standing still.  The war in Syria is raging with Russian involvement.  The media is in full-throated dismay over civilian casualties and the reported bombing of medical relief and supply convoys.  Whether the U. S. has some role in the debacle is rather murky.  Are there supposed to be some “good guys” in the Syrian civil war?  Whatever happened to the “Syrian rebels” who were financially supported and trained?  Did they join ISIS or what?

The caliphate is still operating, both on the ground and on the Internet.  It seems that nearly every place on earth is under the constant threat of some “lone-wolf” following the murderous instructions of some obscure weird Muslim holy man.  We all realize that “refugees” have flooded Europe, thousands have recently been secreted to various locations around the United States.  But some of the most recent attacks are from Muslims whose families were taken in a decade or two ago, and they still haven’t “assimilated.”  They still don’t respect our laws or believe we have a right to exist.  Just like they don’t think Israel has the right to exist, now nobody who fails to take up their heathen cause deserves to live.

There is not the slightest shadow of a doubt that, given the advent of hundreds of thousands more “refugees,” we will see an explosion of terrorist attacks that will dominate (or terminate) the lives of the next generation.  Even the utterly corrupt Director of the F.B.I. managed to say as much in recent congressional testimony.  That’s if time goes on and Iran or North Korea don’t manage to fulfill their lunatic fantasies.

Congress finally summoned the fortitude to pass a bill that the first anti-American president opposed with a veto, and then overrode the veto with a nearly unanimous vote.  Surely you’ve heard about it.  It allows the families of victims in the 9-11-2001 attacks to sue the government of Saudi Arabia for any involvement or support they may have given the terrorists.  The White House is livid, and calls the vote “politically motivated.”  In the case of the bastion of lock-step followers the president has enjoyed in the Senate, that may be true.  It is, after all an election year and they’ve never betrayed their false messiah before.

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