WEEKLY UPDATE FOR August 5th, 2016

Greetings from Tyler,

Sometimes the weight of reality is a bit much.  Looking into what actually is happening on a daily basis is just about more than you can stand.  The Middle East has been a hotbed of bombings, murders, rapes, mass killings, you know, all the usual attributes that follow the followers of the religion of peace.  Israel has certainly had more than it’s share of this kind of thing, and over the past year the terrorist attacks on innocent civilians have largely been done with vehicles, knives, sometimes perpetrated by a woman in a burqa.

Our news is on fire with the claims and counter claims of a presidential election getting most of the attention, and we cannot, organizationally get involved.  Even those trying to stay current with developments around the world may find it virtually impossible amid all the campaign media hype.

We realize that some take offense from time to time, claiming that some subject we’ve treated is “political” in nature.  Well what’s not, after all?  Isn’t it interesting how EVERYTHING under the sun becomes “political” when a government declares everything in life to be under its jurisdiction?  Much that government has sought to mandate, control or manage is outside the scope of its Constitutional responsibility anyway.  Certainly this is the case on matters of faith and belief, so called “lifestyle” and it has, until recently been the case with world events that have bearing on national safety and security.

There was a time, when U. S. interests were obvious and clear to all parties of every stripe and we were all on the same side.

No more.  Everything, including our role with allies and enemies is “political.”  It shouldn’t be, but unbelievably, that’s how it has come down over the past eight years and we’re all wondering if it will be this way from now on.  Never in our past history has our own government seemed to always err on the side of our enemies’ interests, against national security and against the interests and safety of the citizenry.  Not anymore.

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